The Charismatic John J. Hooker Succumbs To Malignant Melanoma. Did It Start In His Feet?


Malignant Melanoma brought down John J. Hooker, J.D. of Nashville, Tennessee. We don’t know if it started in his feet but as you can see in the illustration, signs of this malignancy can first appear in the feet. If ignored, they can metastasize or spread to other areas of the body. Gastrointestinal/Colon cancer and Renal […]

“Sensitive Feet,” Neuropathy…This Orthotic may be for you

Vasyli-Armstrong Orthotic For years, diabetics and others who suffer from ulcerations on the bottom of their feet were having difficulty getting the ulcer to heal.  It would not heal because of pressure on the ulcer.  Pressure causes the tissue about the area to suffer from a loss of blood oxygen and nutrients.   Later, foot orthotics […]