Vegetable gardens are gone, fungus gardens are just starting – Don’t be the next victim.

As the change of season dictates our feet being enclosed in shoes more often than not, take these simple steps to avoid, ulcers and pain. Allow your shoes/boots to dry at least 24 hours before their next use.  Enclosed footwear creates a dark, warm, moist environment, which is exactly what fungus likes to grow in.  […]

Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 2

Podiatrist examining hallux (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In our last blog we listed the first three signs of foot problems a pedicurist should tell you about. Here are an additional four signs to watch for: 4. Black nails. If you have a nail that is black, have a professional check for possible malignant melanoma. It has been […]

Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 1

Toe Nail Fungus  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many times I hear people say they don’t have any foot problems.  Yet, they have large callouses.  They say it is not a problem as they “just go to a pedicurist” every month to shave it off. As mentioned in a previous blog, a callous is an indicator that […]

Finn Comfort Shoes – Support, Balance and Comfort with Style!

All too frequently I hear people say they want a walking shoe that “doesn’t look orthopedic” or “doesn’t look athletic.” They want a pair they can wear to work, church, or even out to dinner.  They’re looking for a shoe that they can take on a sightseeing trip or vacation which requires a lot of […]

Improve Your Golf Game with Finn Shoes

Golf shoes come in many shapes and styles, just like feet.  It is important to match the shoe with your foot to maximize comfort but also function.   Some standard features to look for in any golf shoe should include:   A wide, rounded and tall toe box to protect your toes, but with a flexible […]

Is Running with Your Feet Pointed Forward Good Advice?

–> © Byronwmoore | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos While reading an article on the suggested form for runners, I came across a suggestion that may not be the best advice for every runner.  The advice provided suggested that runners should concentrate on landing on their foot with the toes pointed forward.  Just […]

Plantar Fasciitis Stretching…Really?

Anatomical diagrams illustrating the components of the plantar fascia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Plantar Fasciitis, as you may have read several times, is characterized by pain in the heel area after periods of rest, especially when you get up in the morning.  You may have also read that to help alleviate or prevent the pain, you […]

What Does Your Foot Callous Mean?

Footprint-Weltkarte (Photo credit: dekade) It identifies not only your problems but also You Personally! A century ago, it was unheard of to identify a person by their fingerprints. Fast forward about 50 years and it became a highly used and acceptable method of identification. The same is beginning to happen with foot prints.  Footprints? Yes. […]

Improve Your Foot Orthotic Therapy Success

English: Rod Stewart in concert in Belfast, Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Patience, trust and understanding are the key ingredients for achieving the maximum success with orthotics. As orthotic treatment is not an exact science, no one fabricator or product is 100% successful. Choosing a fabricator with a vast amount of education, experience and knowledge provides […]

Fall Prevention Help

The first fall prevention ankle foot orthotic (AFO) originally designed by a physician is available for you.  It is classified as an AFO but it is extremely lightweight, about the weight of a cell phone.  A more precise definition of the device is a “Foot and Ankle Support” with balance technology.  This device easily fits […]