Are Your Feet Causing Back Pain?

Consumer Reports recently ranked chiropractic the number one treatment for back pain. Alignment of our boney structures is important to prevent pain and keep function maximized. But why do our bones get out of alignment in the first place? Throughout the day a lot of us may endure an unhealthy posture position from time to […]

Achieve All Your Resolutions with These Simple Foot Inspection Tips

Many resolutions involve some sort of physical activity. Most of the time they end in failure because of pain. Don’t let this become your excuse! Just like an automobile accelerates, decelerates, stops and goes, the human body does the same. We are somewhat like a moving human robot. All of our parts need to be […]

Foot Pain Gets in the Way of Exercise

A recent study by the APMA indicated that 72% of people don’t exercise because their feet are hurting.  If you are one of these people, get help.  At ArchMasters, our multi-board certified podiatric doctor and surgeon, Dr. David Sables will provide a thorough consultation to help you determine the best treatment and footwear needed for […]