Why Do My Feet Hurt? I Bought Good, Expensive Shoes!

“Good” or “expensive” shoes may sometimes be the simple solution, but without ideal fit you may be wasting your money and causing your feet more pain. Furthermore, these types of shoes are typically flat somewhere inside of them. Some manufacturers may claim there is a “arch support” or even a “heel cup” built in. This […]

Vegetable gardens are gone, fungus gardens are just starting – Don’t be the next victim.

As the change of season dictates our feet being enclosed in shoes more often than not, take these simple steps to avoid, ulcers and pain. Allow your shoes/boots to dry at least 24 hours before their next use.  Enclosed footwear creates a dark, warm, moist environment, which is exactly what fungus likes to grow in.  […]

Improve Your Golf Game with Finn Shoes

Golf shoes come in many shapes and styles, just like feet.  It is important to match the shoe with your foot to maximize comfort but also function.   Some standard features to look for in any golf shoe should include:   A wide, rounded and tall toe box to protect your toes, but with a flexible […]