Treat your Painful Neuroma with High Heels! What?


A female patient recently presented with a complaint of a painful neuroma in her foot.  She relates a history of multiple treatments from foot specialists including steroid injections and absolute alcohol (No not the Russian type).  She related metatarsal pads worsened it.  She complains she is unable to wear any shoe except a high heal […]

Neuroma – Getting a wider pair of shoes may not help your Morton’s Neuroma

Recovery & scars from Morton’s Neuroma Surgery (Photo credit: chrisfreeland2002) Neuromas of the feet can be pain free or so painful they cause you to stop what you’re doing and even have to get off your foot, remove your shoe and rub it to try and find relief. They are frequently found in women, although […]

Jennifer Gray from Dancing With The Stars has Foot Neuroma Removed

Jennifer Gray from Dancing with the Stars has foot neuroma removed. Dr. Sables has treated ball room dancers successfully non-surgically in the past.  Usually, neuromas are from abnormal biomechanics.  Thus ArchMasters specializes in biomechanical control not only in dance shoes but essentially any shoe including high heels. Check out the ArchMasters website & free informaion […]