A Solution for Plantar Fasciitis and Plantar Heel Pain? (Fill in the blank)

Confused on what to do with your heel pain or plantar fasciitis pain? Well, from what I’ve read, I’m not surprised. The title above pretty much seems to sum it all up. You’ll hear or read choices to fill in the blank from toe spreaders, pads, injections to custom molded “Flexible” orthotics. Some will even […]

Why Do My Feet Hurt? I Bought Good, Expensive Shoes!

“Good” or “expensive” shoes may sometimes be the simple solution, but without ideal fit you may be wasting your money and causing your feet more pain. Furthermore, these types of shoes are typically flat somewhere inside of them. Some manufacturers may claim there is a “arch support” or even a “heel cup” built in. This […]

Santa has his naughty and nice list. Are you treating your feet naughty or nice this season? (Which list are you keeping your feet on?)

Yes, Tis the season! He is watching.  If you’re being naughty to your feet it may slow you down.  It may even cause you to feel pain not just in your feet but it may run all the way up to your back.  Pain and possible injury or overuse can occur, so either way, if […]

The Base of the Toe Next to My Big Toe is Killing Me!

Toe pain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Now that sandal and flip-flop season is winding down, I’ve seen an increased amount of patients complaining of this pain.  I believe it is due to the long-term use of sandals and flip-flops, especially those not adequately supporting the feet.   This lack of support caused the joints to not bend […]

Finn Comfort Shoes – Support, Balance and Comfort with Style!

All too frequently I hear people say they want a walking shoe that “doesn’t look orthopedic” or “doesn’t look athletic.” They want a pair they can wear to work, church, or even out to dinner.  They’re looking for a shoe that they can take on a sightseeing trip or vacation which requires a lot of […]

Improve Your Foot Orthotic Therapy Success

English: Rod Stewart in concert in Belfast, Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Patience, trust and understanding are the key ingredients for achieving the maximum success with orthotics. As orthotic treatment is not an exact science, no one fabricator or product is 100% successful. Choosing a fabricator with a vast amount of education, experience and knowledge provides […]

Fall Prevention Help

The first fall prevention ankle foot orthotic (AFO) originally designed by a physician is available for you.  It is classified as an AFO but it is extremely lightweight, about the weight of a cell phone.  A more precise definition of the device is a “Foot and Ankle Support” with balance technology.  This device easily fits […]

Are You Or A Loved One Worried About Falling?

Falls are the leading cause of injury in adults 65 and older.  Some studies indicate 30-40% of community dwelling adults over the age of 65 fall at least once a year.  Of those that fall, 5-10% will obtain some type of injury including a fracture.  Injuries cost money.  Since current evidence based medicine now shows […]

Want the Cadillac of an Ankle Foot Orthotics for Drop Foot?

The foot of a person with Charcot-Marie-Tooth. The lack of muscle, high arch, and hammer toes are signs of the genetic disease. (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) At ArchMasters we choose to carry  The Noodle® AFO for those in need of assistance from a condition called “Drop Foot.”  A drop foot gait is the inability to […]

“Sensitive Feet,” Neuropathy…This Orthotic may be for you

Vasyli-Armstrong Orthotic For years, diabetics and others who suffer from ulcerations on the bottom of their feet were having difficulty getting the ulcer to heal.  It would not heal because of pressure on the ulcer.  Pressure causes the tissue about the area to suffer from a loss of blood oxygen and nutrients.   Later, foot orthotics […]