Orthaheel Orthotics

We may have been born shoeless, but most of us in modern society do continually walk on hard flat surfaces and must wear shoe gear.  Our feet will adapt to many surfaces such as dirt, sand, and grass, but they can only adapt to whatever surface they are on.  For most of us, that is […]

ara Shoes – A Shoe That Helps Match Fashion & Comfort

ara shoes are a new brand that we now carry here at ArchMasters. They really exemplify a good combination of comfort and style. They have several unique features that I like. HOT, WET FEET?  No problem with 360° cool – ara helps keep feet dry in many weather conditions.  They have upper insulation properties that […]


Originally, the word “custom orthotic” meant a foot support fabricated from a mold of your feet along with a prescription for correction in the alignment of your feet.  However, the word “Custom” has become abused and misleading as your political opponent.  You now see and hear “Custom” fit, made, molded, etc. yet it is really […]

Custom Molded Prescription Orthotics: Natural Healing “Medicine” for Your Feet

Orthotics are often prescribed by doctors to correct improper foot alignments, prevent foot problems or relieve pain from existing foot ailments. However, they do more than that.  Controlling the feet controls the rotation of your leg, which in turn can also affect and help your ankle, leg, knee, hip and even relieve back pain.  Take […]