Prevent Foot Pain, Infection, and Injury with Your Winter Shoe Wear

Girl walking in snow (Photo credit: mkrigsman) The switch to winter shoe wear can be a dramatic shift in not only the function of your feet but also the reaction your feet have to the new enclosed environment. When choosing winter fashion,be sure to receive a professional fit and most importantly, pay particular attention to the […]

Neuroma – Getting a wider pair of shoes may not help your Morton’s Neuroma

Recovery & scars from Morton’s Neuroma Surgery (Photo credit: chrisfreeland2002) Neuromas of the feet can be pain free or so painful they cause you to stop what you’re doing and even have to get off your foot, remove your shoe and rub it to try and find relief. They are frequently found in women, although […]

Choosing Active Footwear Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Image via Wikipedia Shoes are an important aspect of your everyday life. Sure, you want footwear to look nice, but the most important characteristics are function and support to ultimately keep your feet healthy. When it comes to athletics or exercise, the adage “No Pain NoGain” does not have to be true of your feet! Not […]