Injury or Recovery?


Are your feet giving you trouble after the big race? How can you tell if it is an injury or normal recovery? First, pay attention to where the pain is. Is one foot hurting or both? This is a good indicator on whether the discomfort is from an injury or normal recovery. If it is […]

Swelling with Joyful Cheers this Holiday? Just Keep It Out of Your Feet!

Rich Holiday Treats The Holiday Season will bring not only bring good eats but also foot, ankle and leg swelling.  If you’re pregnant like Princess Kate, you may experience systemic or even a postural reasons for swelling or edema. However, eating certain foods or weight gain along with the excessive lounging around this season will cause […]

The Base of the Toe Next to My Big Toe is Killing Me!

Toe pain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Now that sandal and flip-flop season is winding down, I’ve seen an increased amount of patients complaining of this pain.  I believe it is due to the long-term use of sandals and flip-flops, especially those not adequately supporting the feet.   This lack of support caused the joints to not bend […]