Vegetable gardens are gone, fungus gardens are just starting – Don’t be the next victim.

As the change of season dictates our feet being enclosed in shoes more often than not, take these simple steps to avoid, ulcers and pain. Allow your shoes/boots to dry at least 24 hours before their next use.  Enclosed footwear creates a dark, warm, moist environment, which is exactly what fungus likes to grow in.  […]

Wish You Could Wear Sandals All Year Long?

Visit ArchMasters today! Many people do. They enjoy the feeling of freedom. They also know that the ideally fit, functional enclosed shoe that can also prevent problems and painis difficult to find.  Those inhibited by this seasonal transition typically are people who suffer with things such as swelling or edema, neuropathy, protruding bunions or hammertoes, and other […]

Baby Cells to Make Us Regrow

Mast Cells (Photo credit: euthman) We all grow from the time we’re babies.  Can going back to the basic knowledge of babies, development, growth and hormones play a role in helping people heal?  Yes, not only for healing in wound care, but also for orthopedic applications.  Wound care applications can mean the difference between an […]