6 Common Running Tips DEBUNKED!

Thanksgiving is nearing and that means so is the Nashville Turkey Trot Marathon! Hundreds of thousands of people participate in Turkey Trots each year.  When one decides to challenge themselves to complete a walk/run, this not only helps the associated charity but also helps themselves both physically and mentally.  They are following proper training methods […]

Foot Scanner VS Professional Shoe Fitter

As a child, traditionally, your parents would check the fit of the shoe by reaching over and checking for a thumb’s length at the tip of the toe. Other than that, maybe… does it feel too tight?  That’s about it. Later, professional fitters evolved. Besides the fit, professional fitters also know the many variables that […]

Painful Feet, What’s My Diagnosis?

When I have painful feet, I hurt all over.  I hear this frequently.  I also hear patients seemingly needing to know the exact diagnosis of their problem.  Knowing such seems to be relieving to them so they do not feel like they are just nuts.  However, a diagnosis may be easy to make, yet explaining […]

Over the Counter Inserts vs Custom Orthotics

Should You Try an Over the Counter Insert Before Going to a Custom Molded Orthotic? Occasionally, I am told by a patient that they want to try an over the counter insert first. Then, if it helps, they will get the custom-made orthotics.  Although this thinking is not completely flawed, this type of test does […]

So You Were Told To Get Dad Shoes?!?

Funny, as a doctor biomechanically treating adolescent patients suffering with so called “overuse injuries” or “growing pains,” I am keenly educated on the most current lingo. So, what is the newest lingo I learned?  “Dad shoes!”  What??  The mother quickly interjected…those are the shoes that have those “big clunky soles.”   Oh, like the clunky soled […]

Confused on How to Prevent a Running Injury?

Did you know? Studies have shown that anyone who runs has about a 40-60 percent chance of suffering an injury – depending on what study you read.  Rather high odds in my opinion. Over the last 40 years, research has been conducted, changes have been made in footwear, training, treatments, etc., but running injury and […]

Expensive Shoes Hurting Your Feet?

There is a new disease of the foot now appearing more and more frequently in podiatrists’ offices.  It is even being discussed in the literature; especially the biomechanical literature.  It is called “Expensive Shoe Disease.” This is a condition(s) in which you suffer with pain in the feet, legs, hips, or even the lower back.  […]

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks/stockings use to be reserved for those with medical conditions such as blood clots, edema (swelling), etc., but not anymore.  Many are using them for comfort as well. Why? Overall, because they allow “Fresh” oxygenated blood to your feet and legs. This improves the elimination of “Old” deoxygenated pooled blood out of your feet […]