Are Your Custom Orthotics Custom Molded Orthotics?

Are your custom orthotics custom molded orthotics? When taking the mold of a foot, it is crucial to have the foot in the correct position.

If the joints in your foot are unlocked it can cause you to fall onto your arches. This will cause you to think the orthotic needed to be softer when in actuality the orthotic is not supporting all 5 of your arches.

Some casts are straight forward but others are more difficult.

For instance, there are some patients that have a tight plantar fascia where you must put a groove in the orthotic so it supports the arch but does not jam the plantar fascia.

Some patients have a curved foot. It is important that the curvature is captured. If not, the patient could end up flattening out.

Children 7 years and older should be treated as an adult. There are multiple ways to treat children.

Many times diabetic patients with charcot neuropathy do not need custom molded shoes just custom molded orthotics.

Orthotics can be made from soft to hard and everything in between.

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