Foot Pain in Children – Growing Pains? Over Use Injury? What is it??

foot pain in children

Here at ArchMasters, there has been an increase in children coming in with foot pain. We often hear, “My child has been in pain for a while but the pediatrician said it was something they would grow out of.” Will they? In most cases they won’t. It’s something they inherited and may need an orthotic […]

Injury or Recovery?


Are your feet giving you trouble after the big race? How can you tell if it is an injury or normal recovery? First, pay attention to where the pain is. Is one foot hurting or both? This is a good indicator on whether the discomfort is from an injury or normal recovery. If it is […]

Stop the Arch Madness!


Have you been told to get a good supportive shoe or get a good arch support? We have many patients who have been told to do so. Unfortunately, they did not find us until they went through many pairs of shoes or multiple types of pads, wedges, cups, lifts, and/or arch supports. This picture shows […]

Treat your Painful Neuroma with High Heels! What?


A female patient recently presented with a complaint of a painful neuroma in her foot.  She relates a history of multiple treatments from foot specialists including steroid injections and absolute alcohol (No not the Russian type).  She related metatarsal pads worsened it.  She complains she is unable to wear any shoe except a high heal […]

Bonnaroo Shoes – Safe Footwear For Festivals


BONNAROO SHOES! It’s that time of year again! June 9 – June 12, 2016.  People of all ages and many places will attend the annual 4 day Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival held on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, TN. As with festivals, especially music festivals where there is camping along with music concerts, […]

The Charismatic John J. Hooker Succumbs To Malignant Melanoma. Did It Start In His Feet?


Malignant Melanoma brought down John J. Hooker, J.D. of Nashville, Tennessee. We don’t know if it started in his feet but as you can see in the illustration, signs of this malignancy can first appear in the feet. If ignored, they can metastasize or spread to other areas of the body. Gastrointestinal/Colon cancer and Renal […]