Fibromas are rubbery like bumps on the foot. Similar to a ball of scar tissue.  They can be small and grow, singular or multiple.  They usually form within or about tendons.  Fibromas can be hereditary but many times they form from a “hyper repair” response to micro damage to tendons or fascia with daily activity.

Plantar fibroma simply means it is on the bottom of the feet. It can be singular or multiple as well.  When it involves the plantar fascia, it typically is due to micro-tears of the fascia from too much strain.  They may or may not become painful.

Treating a Fibroma

We have been successful time and time again with treatment with custom orthotics. Custom orthotics not only address the abnormal strain on the tendon or fascia but also by contouring or off loading the pressure to the fibroma. 

Massage can also be helpful along with topical noninflammatory. However, addressing the mechanics is usually the best long term solution.  Surgery should be a last resort, especially as they can reoccur at the site.