Foot Orthotics For Kids

Foot Orthotics For KidsIs your Child:
  • Suffering with pain?
  • Not wanting to participate in activity?
  • Crying because their feet, ankles, legs hurt?
  • Been told it is “Just Growing Pains”?
  • Undergoing repeated physical therapy?
  • Intoeing?  Out toeing?  Told “They’ll Grow Out Of It?
Or Been Diagnosed with:

Severs Disease – This condition if fairly common in active adolescents. Inflammation occurs in the growth plate of the heel. This usually results in pain in the heel. Usually this is a temporary condition but orthotics can help the pain from worsening and gives the foot the support it needs.

Trevor’s Disease – This is a painful condition that affects the sesmoids of the long toe joint in children. This occurs when the cartilage at the end of the long bones grow asymmetrically. Symptoms include painless swelling and lack of motion in the lower joints.

Osgood Schlatter Disease – A condition in which the area right below the knee cap has inflammation resulting in knee pain. This mostly occurs in adolescents who are more active due to increased stress on the bones and muscles.​

Growing Pains? Think again!

There is a high probability that a biomechanical fault exists.  This can be rectified with foot orthotics relieving pain fast!

Many pediatricians will say that your child will grow out of it. However, that is not always the case. The heel bone is the key. If it everts over 7 degress  minus the age of the child, then they need a support that controls the heel bone and the arches.

Find out how we can help your child walk away from pain FAST!

Did you know?

Children seven years old and up should have their feet treated as an adult.

At ArchMasters we offer a FREE out grow policy.  If your child grows out of their custom orthotic within a year we will re – make a new pair, including recasting, free of charge.  Within 2 years, 50% off.


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