Foot Pain in Children – Growing Pains? Over Use Injury? What is it?

Dr. David J. Sables discusses how your child’s foot pain may not be from an over use injury or growing pains.

How can you tell if there is a mechanical reason your child is in pain? You can watch them walk. The things you want to look at are:

  1. Shoulders – Are the shoulders level?
  2. Hips – Is one hip lower than the other when walking?
  3. Knee – Are the knees facing forward? The knees should not be facing inward or outward.
  4. Feet – Similar to the knees, the feet should not be excessively outward or inward.

Another common foot pain children have is Sever’s Disease or Sever Disease. The is condition is typically found in children between 10-13 years of age.

Sever’s Disease affects the growth plate. The growth plate is attached to cartilage similar to a cap. Along with the achilles tendon and plantar fascia the growth plate can move. It usually moves around excessively from abnormal mechanics in the body.

This allows the foot to move around too much in shoes which can cause significant pain. This is not an over use injury. It is a mechanical injury.

What we have found is that we are a walking robot. If everything is not walking properly there will be a negative impact.

Many times an over use injury or growing pains are actually mechanical injuries.

Icing, Stretching, etc. can be done but it is better to get at the cause of the problem. Many times a shoe insert can help whether it be an over the counter arch support or a custom orthotic.

Attacking the cause will help your child get back to activity as soon as possible!