Post Marathon – Is your Foot Pain an Injury or Normal Recovery?

Are your feet giving you trouble after the big race? David J. Sables, D.P.M., C. Ped. explains how to know if it’s standard recovery or an injury?

Pain and swelling on top of the foot is most likely a stress fracture, especially if it is only on one foot.

Pain and swelling on the bottom at the base of the second toe can be a sign of damage to the ligament or base capsule. This is important because it can result in a hammer toe.

This should be addressed because this could be a biomechanical fault.

Another thing to watch for is blisters. ArchMasters has wound healing gel that is only available to physicians and is better than over the counter Neosporin.

Pain and swelling on the achilles tendon or along the arch needs to be treated aggressively. This could be partial tearing and if you wait the tendon could tear more. It could also result it a more chronic condition called tendonosis instead of tendonitis.

Plantar Fasciitis is common but not all heel pain is plantar fasciitis. After two weeks, plantar fasciitis becomes plantar fasciosis. In plantar fasciosis the fascia starts to degenerate so an aggressive approach to plantar fasciitis is important.