“Socks have been proven to distribute pressure
more evenly across the bottom of the feet.”

Socks do different things!

At ArchMasters, we have chosen to carry only specific brands of socks that we feel provide you with the quality and function that you require and deserve.

Whether for walking, running, athletic or work, softness, cushion, sweat absorbing, edema or compression needs  –  we can help you. We have diabetic safe socks and travel socks as well.

On a personal note, at the beginning of my day, it is refreshing and lifting to open my sock drawer and dress with these socks. I know I will feel the the functional comfort and now you can too!



Swiftwick socks provide your feet’s 60 joints, 200 ligaments and 35 muscles with greater support using engineered construction and superior fibers.

If you need compression, the graduated compression stockings are easy to wear and love throughout the day.

Swiftwick constructs each product line to serve an objective, and each sock for optimal breathability, durability, comfort, and support.​ Swiftwick is a Tennessee company.

Foot Zen/Doctor Specified

Doctor Specified is an American/South African initiative based in North Carolina. Doctor Specified believes that socks are extremely important to overall foot health and every design is developed with that goal in mind. The entire line of products utilizes the best technology available and the features that are built into every pair have proven technological benefits to the wearer.

“We are very proud that our dedication and focus on quality have resulted in every style we offer being granted the APMA Seal,” explains Rob Zellmer, General Manager. “When we began Doctor Specified it was our goal to provide people with a unique product that is not only comfortable, stylish and pleasurable to wear but one that also promotes quality foot care health.”