Zion Williamson- Can Biomechanics Cause a Shoe Blow Out?

Was Zion Williamson’s injury caused by the materials blowing out or something else?

Dr. Sables states that it does not seem that the materials “blew out” but that they separated. So was it the glue? Heat deactivates glue.

Williamson had not been playing very long but he did warm up in the shoes. However, could the excess heat have been caused by faulty biomechanics? Dr. Sables explains that at 6′ 8″ and 280 pounds, there are a lot of sheering forces occurring. However, there should be a shoe that can hold up to the amount of forces he incurs while playing.

Along with the glue, it could also be the alignment of the foot in the shoe. The landing could be effected depending on the position of the foot inside the shoe.

In Zion Williamson’s case, he landed on the ball of his foot. This creates significant heat which, again, can deactivate glue. Landing in one spot creates a great deal of pressure. Orthotics or shoe inserts are typically designed to distribute the pressure more evenly on the foot. As a result, there would not be as much strain on the shoes.

There are multiple theories on how Zion Williamson’s shoe fell apart. Dr. Sables states he does not feel that it was the materials but the glue. However, biomechanics need to be addressed as well.