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Orthotics, Shoes, and Footcare

Nashville’s Only Comfort Shoe Store With A Doc In Every Shoe Box!

Doc-in-a-box Archmasters

ArchMasters carries a variety of “over the counter” shoe inserts and arch supports. We have over the counter inserts for arch pain, heel pain, hip pain and more! We also have dress shoe inserts designed for high heels and more narrow shoes. Our experienced pedorthists can assist in fitting you with an over the counter insert that best fits your needs. You have the opportunity to try our inserts in your shoes before purchasing them.


ArchMasters has former foot surgeon, Dr. David J. Sables, who gives complimentary consultations to people suffering from foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain. He begins each consultation by listening to your problem(s) and obtains your history. He will then provide a musculoskeletal examination and gait analysis. The examination may also include evaluation of the nervous, vascular, and dermatology systems as needed. He will then explain ideal biomechanicial function vs your function. Video gait analysis may be performed as needed. Finally, he will provide treatment options from A to Z, coach you on home physical therapy and natural healing solutions as well as other non surgical solutions. Dr. Sables created TC3-DR Custom Molded Orthotics to maximize foot function. If you or someone you know is having pain when standing, walking, or running consider an appointment with Dr. Sables.

Tennessee Orthotics

Our collection of footwear consists of what we believe to be the best in terms of comfort shoes. You will experience comfort AND style with our carefully selected brands. We carry men’s shoes and women’s shoes. At ArchMasters we have many different sizes and widths in stock. We can accommodate the narrow foot as well as extra wide. This is especially helpful for people who have bunions. We have brands that are available in extra depth for those who need more room for hammertoes and braces. Diabetic shoes are also available at ArchMasters. Many of our shoes come with built in arch supports. This can assist in helping arch pain, heel pain and more. Flat feet to high arches and everything in between, we can help.

Shoes for diabetic and arthritis care also available!

Receive expert advice on professional products on a variety of foot conditions. This includes athletes foot, neuropathy, and more. We also have products to help with sweaty feet and stinky feet. Products to protect your shoes are also available.

Foot and Orthopedic supplies available!