Custom Foot Orthotics and Ankle Foot Orthotics

Available from off the shelf shoe inserts to Rx casted custom molded. Foot orthotics fabricated on site in as little as two days to help jump start your therapy without delay. Whether for arch pain, plantar fasciitis, foot imbalance, stability and more, ArchMasters  can fabricate hundreds of variable combinations, custom for you.

Shoes-Professional Shoe Fitting

When you first arrive at ArchMasters, you will be asked if you’re looking for anything special and if you have any foot problems. If you would like, our pedorthists will measure your feet heel to ball and heel to toe in order to get the best fit for you. Together, we will find a style and fit that is most enjoyable and comfortable to you.


Brentwoods’ foot specialist/podiatrist, Dr. Sables brings you non-surgical solutions for your problem. Many years of general, surgical and non-surgical foot care, wound care and more have given him the experience to determine what really has the highest chance of success in helping you. We want you out of pain and to have the ability to do what you want or need to do. Dr. Sables no longer performs surgery and wound care so he can solely concentrate on specializing in biomechanical and therapeutic solutions for you.

Gait Analysis is available via Visual, Video, Pressure and IN-Shoe with interpretations from Brentwood’s Foot Specialist Dr. Sables. We have the F-scan from Tekscan which one of the most advanced computer assisted gait analysis systems around. The F-scan is utilized in research by many universities and labs around the world.

Consultation with Dr. Sables

Available by appointment, Dr. Sables offers a complimentary consultation. Dr. Sables begins by obtaining your history and then proceeds by completing a physical examination and a gait analysis. The examination includes the Musculoskeletal System, Nerve, Vascular System, and Dermatology as needed. After the examination, Dr. Sables will provide you with a complete explanation of your condition. He will explain the ideal function vs your condition. He will provide treatment options from A to Z, coach you on home physical therapy and natural healing solutions as well as other non surgical solutions.