Sports Medicine

Ideal skeletal alignment has been shown to prevent and/or relieve and alleviate foot, ankle, knee, hip and/or back pain.

At ArchMasters, you can receive a free complimentary evaluation by Dr. David J. Sables to determine if foot, ankle, and/or leg alignment is causing or contributing to your pain.

He will obtain a history on you and your problem; then, perform a musculoskeletal and neurological exam as needed. Dr. Sables will also evaluate your stance & gait (including video & pressure analysis) as needed.  After that, he will then take the time necessary to explain to you what, if any, problems you have and recommend a treatment regimen that best fits your needs. Rest assured, you will receive a thorough understanding of the problem(s), their causes and treatment options that best suit you individually.

After practicing podiatric medicine and surgery for nearly twenty five years, Dr. Sables has recognized that nearly 75% of the time, the pains one incurs are mechanically induced. This means that after proper alignment of the body has been established, you can heal naturally. You can also experience comfort and prevention of other problems that may have occurred had you done nothing. With Dr. Sable’s experience, he knows when you really need further evaluation via X-rays, MRI’s, referrals to other specialists, etc. So you can even save money by knowing if further medical evaluation/treatment is necessary.

There are many painful conditions of the lower extremity, including the back, that are caused by abnormal body part mechanics or movements during activity. These can be identified and addressed to prevent them from happening. When they are corrected or realigned you will have balanced motion. Your condition will then heal naturally.

​In many situations, an ideal fit shoe and orthotic will be the final aiding resolution of your problem. You will be educated on what types of shoes and/or orthotics have the best probability to provide pain relief.

“I didn’t know I had to stand, walk, or run with pain…I thought I had to put up with it.”

“I was told the pain would eventually go away yet it has been months or years.”

Does this sound like you?

Besides shoe and insert treatments, biomechanical controlled strappings (taping) can be offered, as well as home physical therapy, natural topical regimens and more are offered.

Do you want to improve your game?

Shoes in and of themselves are orthotics. They control and protect motion. However, pre-made off the shelf shoes are symmetrical and most of us have feet that are not. Also, shoes do not conform or ideally match the many arches of your feet. You can improve your game with Rx custom molded orthotics and even custom molded golf shoes, tennis shoes, etc. that will maximize your function and your game.

Nikken-Advance Magnetic Therapy

Far Infrared Technology to reduce tension on muscles, tendons and joints.

  • Heard of KT Tape? Well we use DukTape by Nikken as it is the only kinetic tape with Far-infrared Technology and negation Ion Technology.
    • Provides support where needed
    • Stretchable and elastic for a snug but non-binding fit
    • The result is mild warmth that eases muscle and joint discomfort-just like the Olympians use but better.
    • Also reduces tension on muscles, tendons, and joints
    • Cool cotton fiber for breathability
    • Water-resistant-last up to 5 days, even in the shower
    • Can be used under functional athletic taping forever better results